Review: Mitosis - Brandon Sanderson

Mitosis - Brandon Sanderson

3.5 stars.
A nice, short burst of entertainment. Not as thrilling as Steelheart and the action felt a little NBC-esque. I wanted something that is more Showtime, or HBO-like. 

David got on my nerves in this. I'm not a huge fan of stories where the protagonist is head-strong and likes to handle things on his/her own. (And usually it leads to the character messing up, but eventually shows how badass he/she is and then saves the day.) Where is the awesome coordination from the team where everything happens in an awesome chain-reaction, timed-perfectly, well-executed plan.

Do you know what I am talking about? That sense of satisfaction? Like that satisfaction you get from peeling off that plastic protector thing off of your electronics? You know what I am talking about. This story lacked that. I wish Tia played more of a competent role in this story and not just another "techie through your earpiece."

You know what? Actually, just go and visit the entire Oddly Satisfying subreddit. Have fun.