Case Closed, Vol. 1

Case Closed Vol. 1 - Gosho Aoyama Okay, a quick walk down memory lane for me. I read this series when I was still living in China, which was a long time ago, just to put this into perspective. If you were hoping for a detailed review, thou shall not find it here.So basically this series:- Has a nice plot (neat concept)- Has some awesome mysteries (This has to be my favourite thing about the series as I LOVE reading mysteries).- Has some badass characters- Has some hilarious characters- IS TOO DAMN LONG! (This series has 76 volumes published and is still ongoing. In addition to that, the animated version of this has 660 episodes and it is also ongoing! ) Suck on that Law and Order! I just cannot keep up with this series so I think this is why I abandoned it.But, (oh there is a but), if you are like me and enjoy mysteries, I highly recommend you check out the 16 movies (also ongoing) they have put out based on this manga series. A majority of them are great and they are enough to satisfy a mystery lover (like me).