Seizure - Kathy Reichs God this is painful to do.I have to admit, I didn't finish this book. Granted, I put this in the "I might try this later" pile so maybe I might give this a second chance.What I did not like about this book:1. The super cool setting was gone. Virals was successful because of LIRI, the high tech research insititute Kathy has created. Much like the Jeffersonian in her Temperance Brennan books, I loved it! The beginning of Seizure was so focused on what has happened in the time between Virals and Seizure that LIRI was only mentioned and never acutally explored. I don't know if Tory and the Virals ever did go back, but I can't stand where the story is going.2. School drama. Holy effin' god, I hate the fact that I try to read a sci-fi/mystery that bitchy school drama has to always sneak in to ruin the day. I read and enjoyed Virals because it was mostly "WEEEE LET'S GO ON AN ADVENTURE AND SOLVE THIS MYSTERY" type of thing, but the beginning of Seizure was so Mean GIrls that I wanted to call and yell that Kathy.3. Tory. I never did enjoy Tory's character but this book was the killer. She has what I call "Extremely Motherly Towards Others syndrome". This disease is transmitted by stupid editors and "literary consultants" who believe teens enjoy reading strong-headed female characters. I laughed out loud when Kathy thanked all the people who made her feel comfortable writing to an unknown audience: The Teen population. Well, I say: SCREW YOU editors of Kathy Reichs. You ruined her fantastic story by putting in what you thought would appeal to young adult audiences. I h8 u && I neva want 2 read another book from u guys again. U guys all think we talk liek tis, rite? TTYL, xoxo, Stella.