Ship Breaker

Ship Breaker - Paolo Bacigalupi This book was so disappointing. I loved the world the story was set in. The down right gross and nasty surroundings that was Bright Sands Beach to the contaminated Orleans. But to an average person like me, I was often confused with the many ship vocabularies. I would have much preferred a glossary at the back or a couple of diagrams, illustrating the many different ships described in the book.The main character, Nailer seemed very one dimensional. What I guess was suppose to be mental toughness and young naivety annoyed me. He ignored many advices given to him and fell blindly for a girl. Damn boy. I sure won't fall for a boy as blind as you. It's one thing to be so passionate about love and loyalty and it's another to give up everything you've ever worked for for a girl you've met two days ago. Romeo and Juliet in a dystopian world? Er...unfortunately yes. it is because of the lack of personality Nailer had, the climax of the book could have been any random chapter in the book. I felt much of the first 100 pages were even more exciting than the final few chapters.But the reason I am giving this book 3 stars is because of the secondary characters like Pima, Sadna and Tool. All three of them were very unique and wise. They displayed great variety in a story that would have dried right up if Nailer was working alone.So I am not sure if I want to read the second book; The Drowned City. We'll see.