Enclave - Ann Aguirre I shall refrain myself from writing a rant. It's not directed at this book but more of the entire Dystopian Boom. This book was short. Thank god because I'd not, I would have never read past page 30. I kept on telling myself that maybe this book would be fast-paced. I made it to about 130 or so before giving up completely. The writing of this book was just very amateur. I read the author's bio on the back of the book and it said that she is an English teacher?! WHAT? Bullshit. I found her audience was directed at grade fives and sixes, although I doubt that was what she intended to do. How did she even find a publisher who wanted to publish her books? Obviously the publisher saw an opportunity to lure in some Hunger Games fans. The only reason I didn't give this book 1 star was because of the idea of the Mole people. Ever since the City of Ember series, I have had a fascination with people living underground. Whether it were the underground malls in China I've grown up with or the Bones episode featuring the mysterious mole people, I just found the idea cool. Too bad the one dimensional, cliché characters and the crap writing ruined this cool concept. It is as if authors nowadays have a checklist of the different types of characters beside them. Okay, "a tough, strong-headed girl" and add in "a mysterious, dark boy", maybe also "a bubbly girl who everyone likes" and always remember to check off "the boy who has been secretly crushing on the main female character". FUDGE THIS. I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU GUYS CAN'T THINK OF ANOTHER ORIGINAL CHARACTER? Oops. I said I wasn't going to rant but I am just currently in a glass case of emotions. I just wanted to share my feelings. I wish I could actually record all my feelings on Audacity so I don't have to type. :P