The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini First half of the book: 5 stars Second half: 4 starsI cannot get over the heart-wrenching first half of the novel. Every line carries a meaning and and almost every page contains a line that you just had to do a double-take because it gave you "The Feeling". That's right. "The Feeling". The one that sent an uncontrolled pulse down your spine. The one that can be exponentially increased by a cup of tea. You know you know "The Feeling". Anyone who has the pleasure to pick up a good book will know The Feeling. And secrelty, The Feeling knows you.However, the feeling numbed by the time the book reached halfway. The pulse turned into a tingle and if it was any other book, that would have impressed me. But how can anyone live up to: "The swelling subsided, and the wound healed with time. Soon it was just a pink jagged line running up from his lip. By the following winter, it was only a faint scar. Which was ironic. Because that was the winter that Hassan stopped smiling."?And believe me, there is more where that came from. And if anyone is looking for an inspiration for tattoo: "For you, a thousand times over" is probably the best thing someone can get. PS: That is an immediate turn on. BuI I might cry a little before that.