Blood Red Road

Blood Red Road - Moira Young Okay. This book was trying a little too hard.Patrick Ness' Chaos Walking series had probably played a role in the making of this book. And please belive me when I tell you that Ness' books are about as good as you can get.Everything from the inccorect spelling like "jest" for just, "'ud" for would and "eether" for either was very Chaos Walking. BUT WHAT WAS YOUNG THINKIN WHEN SHE DECIDED HER CHARACTER WOULD USE THE WORD "AN" AS APOSE TO "AND"??? -le sigh- I had to do a double take every time an appeared and tell myself: "Okay she means and". It's one thing to express your characters' lack of proper education through moderate amount of "quirkiness" and it's another to bombard the page with "waitin", "an", and "jest". Ugh. Please stop trying so hard, Ms. Young. Young had obviously missed out on her high school biology class. In one part of her book, she describes the death of Saba's Ma as a result of over bleeding during childbirth. "She bled for two days then she died." .....Umm excuse me Miss. DID I JUST READ SHE BLED FOR TWO DAYS? LOL. WUT?! That can only occur if the wound was very small, in which case your body will quickly repair itself. Or she had taken some blood thinner but that would mean she would have bled out WAY earlier than 2 days. I just can't believe such rediculous claim can be published. Okay. I get it's only fiction but at least make it a little bit believable. I couldn't feel sympathetic for Saba and her family after that. It just make me doubt everything that was said about her Ma. Did I mention Young tried too hard?? Oh yeah. I did. Here's another reasion she pushed me to dislike this book. Saba is described in every way worst than her brother (except at skipping rocks). He can fix the roof while can only this and only that. HE EVEN IS IMMUNE TO GETTING SUNBURNS A:THOUGH HIS HAIR IS BLONDE WHILE SABA'S IS BLACK. Hey, Young. Just FYI. People with darker hair colour have a dark skin tone due to the fact that they have more melanin. It's an evolutionary change so please stop trolling with me. Saba can't be that bad. Because out of no where she was able to kick ass like it's nobody's business. One moment she was the girl that hands the tools to her brother, then the next she was the Kung Fu master. LOL. Bitch please.I could not have finished this book. Please please please pick up Patrick Ness' The Knife of Never Letting Go because I promise you it is a better book than this. I knew I wouldn't be able to read on with Blood Red Road or I might have to stab it with the basilisk's fang.