Graceling - Kristin Cashore Edit/Update:I recently bought my own copy of this book and I will be re-reading it soon. Ah this book makes my heart melt.Possibly one of the best book that I have ever read. This book had the tension and struggle I was looking for. The stuggle with either Katsa's own inner demon or with the wickedness from the ouside world, Cashore seems to be able to capture all of its magic with well trained hands and deliver.Katsa is "Graced." A Graceling is a person who is gifted in a certain skill and Katsa has probably one of the greatest Grace of it all. The Grace to kill. This book just flew by. I could not stop myself as the story deepens and Katsa is faced with many decisions and challanges. With the mysterious Po, Katsa is taken on this journey where her gifted Grace may not be able to save her. This magical book took me on a journey very much like Katsa's; decisions, decisions. It's 4am and there is school tomorrow. But this book is not letting me go off to bed. To read or not to read? Purely graceful.