Lies: A Gone Novel

Lies - Michael  Grant Wow! Another greatly delivered book by Michael Grant. The 3rd installment of the GONE series is not to be missed. Just when Sam and his town have conquered hunger, Orsay is claimed to be able to see past the FAYZ wall. Lies? Unsure. Drake is rumoured to be back from the dead. Lies? Unsure. Brittney seem to be a tough little cookie who is not yet ready to give up her fight with Death yet. She is aslo rumoured to have returned. As if lies and rumours were not enough, Zil is teaming up with Caine for the unltimate desctuction of Perdido Beach. Can Sam handle all this? Will Astrid let him?This fabulously fabricated book kept me guessing and wondering throughout the entire night. It's darker than the previous two books but that's exactly what was needed to bring this series to an even higher level. Decisions will be made. Paths will cross. A great book that revealed a secrect that many of us readers have been wondering since GONE. What is outside the FAYZ wall? This book involved a lot of mental actions unlike the first 2 books in the seiries. But the struggles that these characters face are still very close to the heart. A great book many of us can relate to.I wish I could give this book 11 out of 5! I could not put it down. Not even if my house was burning down.