The Iron King (Harlequin Teen)

The Iron King - Julie Kagawa For all the Mortal Instruments lovers, this series seems right up your alley. Meghan is not a particularly strong female character; in fact, she was a lot like Clary in which she constantly got her poop-face on. However, she wasn't completely bad. She had teenage girl qualities to her that sometimes can get lost in the too aggressive female characters in the YA genre. Crushing on boys, always carrying an iPod are just two examples of how typical Meghan was. This really reminded of Clary when I attempted to read City of Bones. The constant shifting of settings and the bazillions of tiny subplots was also very Clare-esque. Sometimes it just felt like Kagawa wrote the story in pulses and whenever an idea would strike, Meghan would be on a brand new adventure. The story felt like I was playing Snakes and Ladders the whole time. Look! The story is finally rolling. BUT WAIT! You've landed on a ladder and now you've fallen down two rows. If anyone wants to read an adventure story that is beautifully paced is Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series . I thought the world building was better than the plot development I felt like I was in a Tim Burton movie for half of the book and then I was in Wonderland for the other. I really appreciated the Shakespeare connection.I don't even want to mention the love triangle. I hate love triangles and none of the guys were swoon-worthy. Overall, this series is not really my cup of tea but Cassandra Clare fans will devour it.