Department 19 (Department Nineteen)

Department Nineteen - Will Hill Edit: I recently went out and bought my own copy. :) Yay. I will need to re-read this before I start on The Rising.Gore, gore, gore. That was exactly what I needed to get me out of this YA novel slump.With recent uprise in dystopian novels and the forever tainted paranormal genre, I was beginning to give up on YA authors. That was before I picked up this beautiful debut by Will Hill.It's the TV show Supernatural meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Full on ACTION and GORE. :) This book got me right from page 1 and stepped right over me at the end just so Mr. Hill can enjoy a good cry from me. The ending, although too rushed, left something with me and made me want to hug my Artemis Fowl books because the relationship between Frankenstein and Jamie reminded me of the young mastermind and his Butler.(Most of) the characters in this book have my undying respect due to their "fight to the end" attitude and the honour code that they follow to their death. Let's just say, if Department 19 was ever real, I couldn't feel anymore safe with people like that guarding over my city/country/world.My favourite, FAVOURITE part about this novel was the multiple perspectives: ranging in gender, time periods and different regions of the world. Every part gave incites into the story and build up to a fantastic finale at the end of the book. Like building a nice house, everything came together with great care and the result was FANTASTIC!A superb debut from author that I will no doubt return to time after time. Looking forward to April 2012.