Waterfall: A Novel (River of Time Series)

Waterfall - Lisa Tawn Bergren Remember when I said at the beginning that this book was well received among my friends? Yeah, Matt showed me a one-star review as a warning and I would like to say he was right. Pros:- The setting was fascinating and interesting. Being a fan of BBC's Merlin, medieval anything naturally appealed to me, 14th century Italy was no exception.Cons:- This book took way too long to get going. I did give this book 50% of its length and still, nothing truly grabbed me except for the setting.- The main character Gabi was annoying. With phrases like "a serious hottie" and "had the hots for me", she almost sounded like a 30 year old trying to sound like a teenager. Also, her "tough girl" attitude was quite over done. How can she take on a knight/prince with an over-sized sword is beyond me. And of course all the knights fall for her...- The plot. Granted, I didn't finish this so when I say the plot was so romance-based, I could be wrong. Having 50% so focused on you stealing another girl's man was just not my cup of tea. - Plot progression. The main goal of Gabi's quest was to find his sister and after 50%, there was just not enough progression in the plot to keep me interested as to whether it happened or not. A better idea would have been, find you sister within the first 30% and have the rest the book to talk about the two's adventure back in time. 50% of "I need to find my sister. I really need to look for her. I just want to get my sister and I back home." was hella boring.Final note is that my library marked this as "sci-fi". Other than the idea of time travelling, nothing was even near the idea of science fiction. Just something I found funny, carry on.