Monstrous Regiment (For the Stage)

Monstrous Regiment: The Play - Stephen Briggs, Terry Pratchet I was sort of confused at the beginning but I was okay with it. Given that this is a short story (weighing in at less than 1,500 words), I don't blame the lack of description. I really enjoyed Noah's (Noel's) story because it was as if his story carried a sense of foreboding and doom. This short story could have gotten more stars if Kate and Jess' stories had packed the same oomph as Noah's. In the end, I felt like something was missing, something that I can't really put my fingers on...There was one bit of the story that irked me a little, just a teeny weeny bit: "Above, a message fires in the sky. It glows red and leaves an after-mark. Jess could be anywhere. “Do you have two credits?” I look up. There's a boy standing in front of me. His hair is cut short and his face is dirty."Wait, what? She was looking up at the sky then a boy, who is standing in front of her, asks her something and she looks up? Hmmm...I was confused about that. Anyways, you can read the short story here and voice your own opinion about it.