The 5th Wave

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey EDIT: So far, I've read nothing but praise for this book. I cannot sit still in my chair, you guys! Do you know how excited I am? I need to get rid of all this energy.I think I might:1. Do a backflip2. Sign up for the Boston marathon.3. Climb the Himalayas.4. Create an interpret dance to declare my love for Rick Yancey.5. Fly to the moon and carve Rick's face onto its surface.Maybe while I'm at it, I might do the same for [a:Michael Grant|1599723|Michael Grant|], [a:Kristin Cashore|1373880|Kristin Cashore|], [a:Patrick Ness|370361|Patrick Ness|], and [a:Cinda Williams Chima|125308|Cinda Williams Chima|]END OF EDIT.A new Rick Yancey book? Heck. Yes.